Laura Laureus as herself

Laura Laureus, or as the Spanish goverment recognizes her Laura del Pino Díaz, is a programmer in Rising Pixel where she enjoys making custom software and videogames for the company’s clients. In her spare time she likes to organize gamejams and make (dark) data science / computer vision / robotics experiments.

She is also known as the Community Manager and second president of ACADEVI (Canary Island Game Developer’s Association from Spanish translation) and try make the videogame industry a profesional field and profitable sector in the Canary Islands.

Laura Laureus as Videogame Developer

The Videogame trajectory of Laura started in the summer of 2013 when make her first game in Processing using her own pictures and the few knowledge in Java that the first year of Computer Science Degree provides.

After that she made the curricular practices in Playmedusa where she learnt Artificial Inteligence for non player characters as gregarian behaviour and finite state machines.

Most of her games are done in game jams (events of 48h for making games), as exception there is the Mandala project which involves the Tobii Eyetracker for tracking the user gaze in the screen.

Nowadays, she develops games and software in Rising Pixel.

Laura Laureus as Data Scientist

After finish the Computer Science Degree, with specialization in Intelligent Systems, Laura started the Master in Data Science in the University of Granada which finished the summer of 2017.

Nowadays, LauraLaureus participates in Kaggle competitions and datathons as well as make some experiments in her own mostly in the field of Computer Vision, Social Networks and Sentiment Analisys.

Laura Laureus as Gamejam organizer

From spring of 2016, Laura helps in the organization of gamejams, giving the chance to videogame amateurs of enhancing their portfolios, meet new contacts in the Canary Islands.

Laura Laureus as Robotics enthusiast

In her spare time, Laura likes to play with Mip robot and make experiments with Raspberry Pi.


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